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Edutainment App – Colorbug

Hello Guys,


Here I am again with an exciting post today. I have been working in pixelbug for more than a year and we are proud to launch our most awaited Edutainment App, colorbug:

Links:     official site     |     facebook
My role in this application is as a Technical Artist, bridging the gap between the Artists and programmers. It was an exciting project, we have it live on App Store and at the moment it’s only available for iPad users but we are in a process to bring it for both iPhone and Android users as soon as possible.

If you have any comments please let them below and stay tuned for more fun stuff.

Thank you and enjoy!

Quicky’s World / iOS & Android Game

Hello Guys,

We have successfully launched a game for ( Nesquik / Nestlé ) at pixelbug, Dubai. It’s an exciting project, we are moving on, adding more features and levels.

You can download the game on your device right away, don’t forget to use AR (Augmented Reality) mode. Point your phone at the Nesquik pack and get Quicky out of the box!

Download       Android         iOS

Stay tuned for more fun!

Until next time… Cya!

Red Mount Media / Gearing up!

Hi Folks,

As I have moved myself from a full time Job to Freelancing, I am looking forward to make a company some time soon ‘hopes high’ and I have launched a website, included some projects that I have worked on and there are more to come. Things go up slowly ;)

I’ve named my future company ‘Red Mount Media’, I am looking forward to create good Animations, Motion Graphics, Brand Identity, Games, Websites and one day everything!


Also launched a Facebook Page and Official Site, I’d be happy if you help me spreading my services out to your friends on social networking sites. Already thankful to you guys!

Official Site: