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The Journey Begins…

After working for different companies in past 5 years, I am very happy to move on and give a shot to something I am much more passionate about. I have moved to Lahore, Pakistan and I will be staying here for couple of months until I sort out where I will be next.

In this post I would like to talk about my future projects, I am sure most of my projects will be Virtual Reality based as it will be on the rise from the beginning of 2016, I will be looking into possible projects that I can pull off myself or it would definitely be great to collaborate with others around the world.

There you go, I mentioned Virtual Reality as the first thing but there are couple of more things I’d like to accomplish in this coming year 2016. Below are few more:

1) Be a Blender Certified Trainer

I will be teaching myself by creating learning material for everyone out there who is interested in Learning Blender 3D. I will be mostly organizing workshops around the places where I will be living. I am hoping different countries, cities, universities and schools etc

2) Finish Luke’s Escape (Film + VR Game)

I know, we have been hanging around with Luke’s Escape for a very good while, I truly had hard time working on the project especially because I was a full time employee in a company and well I am not anymore so I have a whole open ground for myself to get inspired from others, create, celebrate and share with everyone.

3) Attend the Blender Conference 2016

I was part of Blender Conference 2013, I didn’t get any chance to visit the conference in 2014 & 2015 but I wouldn’t want to miss it in 2016. If you have never been to Blender Conference and you are a Blender-head, you’ve got to do your best to experience it once to know the Blender family & meet everyone who is doing their best to make Blender 3D awesome everyday.

I am just a little bit worried on how all of these things will happen but I do know one thing, I have to be persistent in doing them and hopefully I will complete my goals for 2016.

If you would like to get in touch on some VR Projects, Animations or generally for a good chat please do let me know on my email iowaqas (@) or @iowaqas

I am sure ya’ll have something in your mind for this coming year as well.

So good luck in advance!

Deers’ Men – A Virtual Reality Storytelling


After working for a month on this very recent game project with some great people. We have managed to complete the first Act of our game called Deers’ Men. It’s an interactive storytelling in Virtual Reality. We have launched our first trailer of the game and now looking forward to take this game to Steam Green Light and make it available to download by first week of January 2016.

Enjoy the trailer below…

Official Site: