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Going out on the wide web

Over few years I had made accounts on professional networks to promote myself as an Artist but haven’t really maintained because of University, later finding job, lots of work at office and no time. Now I decided to revive all of them back again:

1. nabaroo:

Recently I was invited to join nabaroo by the creators, it’s online network to showcase your art and I am enjoying it. It’s simple and also I am finding great artworks. You should definitely give it a try.

2. about.me


4. Linkedin:

If there are more good networks to promote art or to connect with people. I’d be happy to know if you could leave in comments.

Thanks guys…

3D Art / In The Playground

Recently I played a game called ‘Among The Sleep‘, Its a horror game, it has a great gameplay and environment. I fell in love with the simplicity of the game and how the studio ‘krillbite‘ pulled it off. So I thought of appreciating their effort and do some Fan Art.

Here it is below, Enjoy!

Thanks for watching…

Project : Different

Hello Guys,

A little project I have been meaning to complete and finally uploaded on Vimeo, have a look and hopefully I will follow it up with ‘The Making of Different’


Sometimes we feel left out,
not belonging to the nearest crowd.

No matter how loud you shout,
but not for a second yourself you doubt.

You should know that you are truly blessed,
among the big crowd how different you are dressed.

/ It’s never a negative thing to be different, it’s just that you have a different path to follow and you are on it!
Imagine as a warrior yourself on a path of your own :)

Live happily!