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Application / AGideas


Agideas is a design conference that takes place in Melbourne, Australia every year. I am currently working as “Digital Artist Manager” at PixelBug in Dubai and I am happy to be part of AGideas recently released exclusive AR (Augmented Reality) application.

The use of the application is simple and awesome at the same time, we were asked to showcase work of 4 chosen Artists using AR Technology. My part was to design the UI and the 3D elements, the team had lots of input and together we ended up creating a stunning app. The AGideas app is available on both Apple iOS and Android stores.


AG_Ideas_Screen001 AG_Ideas_Screen002 AG_Ideas_Screen003

You can also visit the application page by clicking on the links below:


Google Play

Note: You will be needing a Printer to print out markers to point at, the markers are included in the app and can easily be downloaded.

Hope you guys like it and looking forward to hear your experience with AR.