Application / AGideas


Agideas is a design conference that takes place in Melbourne, Australia every year. I am currently working as “Digital Artist Manager” at PixelBug in Dubai and I am happy to be part of AGideas recently released exclusive AR (Augmented Reality) application.

The use of the application is simple and awesome at the same time, we were asked to showcase work of 4 chosen Artists using AR Technology. My part was to design the UI and the 3D elements, the team had lots of input and together we ended up creating a stunning app. The AGideas app is available on both Apple iOS and Android stores.


AG_Ideas_Screen001 AG_Ideas_Screen002 AG_Ideas_Screen003

You can also visit the application page by clicking on the links below:


Google Play

Note: You will be needing a Printer to print out markers to point at, the markers are included in the app and can easily be downloaded.

Hope you guys like it and looking forward to hear your experience with AR.


Red Mount Media / Gearing up!

Hi Folks,

As I have moved myself from a full time Job to Freelancing, I am looking forward to make a company some time soon ‘hopes high’ and I have launched a website, included some projects that I have worked on and there are more to come. Things go up slowly ;)

I’ve named my future company ‘Red Mount Media’, I am looking forward to create good Animations, Motion Graphics, Brand Identity, Games, Websites and one day everything!


Also launched a Facebook Page and Official Site, I’d be happy if you help me spreading my services out to your friends on social networking sites. Already thankful to you guys!

Official Site:



The Plan (Game) – A little experiment by Krillbite studios

Alright, the title says it all and yes its a game!

I came across this beautiful tiny game which takes you on the journey of exploring a life of a ‘fly’. Basically you are a fly (in the game) :P and when I was playing I felt what all this little creature has to go through everyday in its life. Its pretty rough and tough.

It’s totally worth giving a try, I have played it couple of times already and might play it again whenever I feel so. You gotta spare out 15 mins of your time, which I am sure you can!


Click to Download (IT’S FREE)

It’s available for PC, MAC and LINUX.

Enjoy guys :D

oOps! Header for my blog

Hello Guys,

No! I don’t want to start my first post with my introduction and telling ya’ll ‘Hey! This is my first ever post on my blog!’ Of course not… Starting right ahead, I got a .blend file to share with you guys. As I was working on my blog, I wanted to make a header for it and thought to create something simple and quick in Blender (well it’s little bit re-touched in Photoshop). So I created this artwork and I named it ‘oOps!’

Download oOps! (.blend)

Its not a complex piece of art :P but you can download if you like, share or comment :)

Thanks a lot everyone,