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Project : Different

Hello Guys,

A little project I have been meaning to complete and finally uploaded on Vimeo, have a look and hopefully I will follow it up with ‘The Making of Different’


Sometimes we feel left out,
not belonging to the nearest crowd.

No matter how loud you shout,
but not for a second yourself you doubt.

You should know that you are truly blessed,
among the big crowd how different you are dressed.

/ It’s never a negative thing to be different, it’s just that you have a different path to follow and you are on it!
Imagine as a warrior yourself on a path of your own :)

Live happily!

oOps! Header for my blog

Hello Guys,

No! I don’t want to start my first post with my introduction and telling ya’ll ‘Hey! This is my first ever post on my blog!’ Of course not… Starting right ahead, I got a .blend file to share with you guys. As I was working on my blog, I wanted to make a header for it and thought to create something simple and quick in Blender (well it’s little bit re-touched in Photoshop). So I created this artwork and I named it ‘oOps!’

Download oOps! (.blend)

Its not a complex piece of art :P but you can download if you like, share or comment :)

Thanks a lot everyone,