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Deers’ Men – A Virtual Reality Storytelling


After working for a month on this very recent game project with some great people. We have managed to complete the first Act of our game called Deers’ Men. It’s an interactive storytelling in Virtual Reality. We have launched our first trailer of the game and now looking forward to take this game to Steam Green Light and make it available to download by first week of January 2016.

Enjoy the trailer below…

Official Site: www.deersmen.com

The Plan (Game) – A little experiment by Krillbite studios

Alright, the title says it all and yes its a game!

I came across this beautiful tiny game which takes you on the journey of exploring a life of a ‘fly’. Basically you are a fly (in the game) :P and when I was playing I felt what all this little creature has to go through everyday in its life. Its pretty rough and tough.

It’s totally worth giving a try, I have played it couple of times already and might play it again whenever I feel so. You gotta spare out 15 mins of your time, which I am sure you can!


Click to Download (IT’S FREE)

It’s available for PC, MAC and LINUX.

Enjoy guys :D